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Surrogacy, Law and Human RightsScreen Shot 2015-04-20 at 12.52.58 pm

Surrogacy, Law and Human Rights, edited by Professor Paula Gerber and Katie O’Byrne, has been reviewed by Stephen Page. The book review was published in the Alternative Law Journal.

Best Practice in Construction Disputes

Professor Gerber’s book Best Practice in Construction Disputes: Avoidance, Management and Resolution has been reviewed by several scholars and legal practitioners. The book reviews, published in various Australian and international journals, can be accessed at the following links:
Best Practice in Construction Law

Jos Mulcahy, Australian Construction Law Bulletin

Associate Professor Philip Chan, Australian Journal of Construction Economics and Building

Jeremy Coggins, Building and Construction Law Journal

Dr Kathleen Harmon, Journal of Legal Affairs

Richard Crawford, NSW Law Society Journal

Ren Niemann, Proctor Qld Law Society

George Golvan, Vic Bar News

Contemporary Perspectives on Human Rights Law in Australia

contemporary perspectives bookContemporary Perspectives on Human Rights Law in Australia, which was edited by Professor Gerber and Melissa Castan, have been reviewed by the following persons:

Jessica Szwarcbord, Right Now

Richard Griffin, Alternative Law Journal

Understanding Human Rights

Understanding human rights bookReviews of Professor Gerber’s book  Understanding Human Rights: Educational Challenges for the Future are available below:

Phillip Taylor and Elizabeth Taylor, The Barrister Magazine

Felisa Tibbitts, Human Rights Quarterly

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