Current Projects

Books in Progress

Professor Gerber has just embarked on the enormous task of editing a 3-volume research series titled Worldwide Perspectives on Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals: History, Culture and Law to be published by Praeger Press in the US in late 2016.

Professor Gerber is also co-authoring, with Melissa Castan, a book titled Indigenous Rights: Birth Registration and Recognition which examines ways of improving the birth registration systems in Australia and elsewhere, to ensure they are readily accessible by all. This book will be published by Edward Elgar Publishing in the UK in late 2016

Articles in Progress

Researching construction law issues continues to be an interest of Professor Gerber’s, and she is currently writing several articles that examine:

  • legal issues arising out of the use of BIM (Building Information Modeling);
  • the history of standard form construction contracts in Australia; and
  • gender imbalance in the membership of Dispute Boards on major construction projects.

Dr Gerber is also working on several articles relating to different aspects of international human rights law, including:

  • teaching LGBTI rights within law schools;
  • best practice in human rights education in schools;
  • assessing claims for asylum based on sexual orientation or gender identity; and
  • Islamophobia and Australian anti-discrimination laws.

LGBTI Academics Network

In 2014, Professor Gerber founded a new research network – LGBTI Academics, which is active on social media (Facebook and Twitter). The network aims to create a space where scholars from around the world can collaborate and share information about their work on sexual and gender diversity. She is currently creating a webpage for the group and exploring the possibility of organising an international conference for academics working on LGBTI issues to come together and share their research.

Grant Application – LGBT Rights in the Asia Pacific Region

Professor Gerber has assembled a team of leading scholars from around the country to work on preparing an ARC Linkage grant application that aims to explore the role that Australia should play in promoting and protecting the rights of LGBT people in the Asia Pacific region. The team consists of:


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