Conference Papers

2015PG at HRE conf (2)

Laws Impacting on LGBT People in S & SE Asia‘ Fifth Asian Conference on Cultural Studies 2015, Kobe, Japan.

‘Through the Looking Glass: Using the Convention on the Rights of the Child to Inform the Regulation of Surrogacy’ Annual Castan Centre for Human                         Rights Law Conference, Melbourne.

Why LGBTI People Seek Asylum, and Problems with How their Claims are AssessedRefugee Action Coalition, ANU, Canberra.

‘Teaching about the rights of sexual and gender minorities’ Human Rights Tertiary Teachers’ Workshop, ANU, Canberra.


‘Recent developments in protecting the rights of Intersex persons’ at Promoting the human rights of LGBT persons: next steps for international institutions and civil society? Wilton Park, UK.


‘State Based Marriage Laws, the Constitution and Federal Inaction’ LIV Young Lawyers’ annual law reform event, Melbourne.

‘Building Bridges in the Classroom: A view from the Academy’ (Invited speaker with Matthew Bell) Society of Construction Law Australia Conference, Sydney.

The UN’s work in the area of LGBT rightsCastan Centre Annual Human Rights Conference, Melbourne.

‘Marriage Equality in Australia’ at Women’s Rights seminar, Victorian Women Lawyers. 


‘Marriage Equality as a Human Right’ International Commission of Jurists Victoria, Melbourne.

‘Human Rights Landscape in Australia’ Civil Justice Law and Practice Conference, Melbourne.

‘Early Neutral Evaluation as a Tool in Resolving Construction Disputes’ Victorian Bar, Commercial Law Section, Melbourne.

‘Avoiding Disputes through the use of Dispute Boards’ Thomson Reuters Construction Law Masterclass, Melbourne.

‘Is there a Role for Lawyers on DRBs?’ Dispute Resolution Board Federation International Conference, Sydney.

‘10 things you should know about the new Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child’ Castan Centre Symposium – Recent Developments concerning the Convention on the Rights of the Child, Melbourne.


‘Should we be incorporating DAPs into Australian standard form contracts?’ Society of Construction Law Conference, Brisbane.

The Case for Same-sex Marriage’ at Progressive Law Network: Legal (r)Evolution, Melbourne.

‘Contracting for Dispute Avoidance’, Building and Construction Law Legalwise Seminar, Melbourne.


‘DRBs: When will Australia Join the Global Trend?’ at Dispute Resolution Boards: Lessons Learned Workshop, Sydney, NSW.

‘The United Nations and Human Rights Education: An Unfinished Journey’ at the International Conference on Human Rights Education, Parramatta, NSW

‘Human Rights are Aussie Rules’ Garma Indigenous Festival, Arnhem Land, Northern Territory.

‘The Teaching of Construction Law and the Practice of Construction Law: Never the Twain shall meet?’ at Australasian Law Teachers Association Annual Conference, Auckland, New Zealand.


‘Human Rights Education’, United Nations Youth Association conference, University of Melbourne.

‘Like Ripples from a Pebble someone Tosses in a Stream: Using Human Rights Education to Create a Human Rights Culture’ Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission Conference, Melbourne.

DAPs – Coming to a Construction Contract Near You’, Mt Eliza, Victoria, February, 2009.

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