Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Paula Gerber and Claerwen O’Hara, ‘Teaching Law Students about Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Intersex Status within Human Rights Law: Seven Principles for Curriculum Design and Pedagogy‘ (2019) 68(2) Journal of Legal Education 416.

Anthony Langlois, Cai Wilkinson, Paula Gerber & Baden Offord ‘Community, identity, orientation: sexuality, gender and rights in ASEAN’ (2017) 30(5) Pacific Review 710-728.

Cai Wilkinson, Paula Gerber, Baden Offord and Anthony J Langlois ‘LGBT Rights in Southeast Asia: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?‘ (2017) 3(1) IAFOR Journal of Asian Studies 5.

Paula Gerber, Cai Wilkinson, Anthony J Langlois and Baden Offord ‘Human rights in Papua New Guinea: is this where we should be settling refugees?‘ (2016) 22(1) Australian Journal of Human Rights 27.

Phoebe Irving Lindner and Paula Gerber ‘Modern Families: Should children be able to have more than two parents recorded on their birth certificates?’ (2015) 5(1) Victoria University Law Journal 34.

Paula Gerber ‘Last word: Life imitating art?: Gay and lesbian families on and off the silver screen‘ (2015) 40(4) Alternative Law Journal 294.

Paula Gerber and Phoebe Lindner ‘Birth Certificates for Children with Same-sex Parents: A Reflection of Biology or Something More?’ (2015) 18(2) New York University Journal of Legislation & Public Policy

Farinaz Zamani Ashni and Paula Gerber ‘Burqa: Human Right or Human Wrong?’ (2014) 39(4) Alternative Law Journal 231-234.

Paula Gerber, Kristine Tay and Adiva Sifris ‘Marriage: A human right for all?’ (2014) 36 Sydney Law Review 381-405.

Paula Gerber and Melissa Castan ‘Achieving universal birth registration for Indigenous Australians: Recommendations from the Victorian Law Reform Commission’ (2014) 8(14) Indigenous Law Bulletin.

Paula Gerber ‘Living a life of crime: The ongoing criminalisation of Homosexuality within the Commonwealth’ (2014) 39(2) Alternative Law Journal 78.

Paula Gerber and Joel Gory ‘The UN Human Rights Committee and LGBT Rights: What is it doing? What could it be doing?’ (2014) 14 (3) Human Rights Law Review 403-439.

Matthew Bell, Paula Gerber and Phil Evans ‘Building Bridges in the Classroom: A view from the Academy’ (2014) 30(1) Building and Construction Law Journal 24-34.

Paula Gerber, Joanna Kyriakakis and Katie O’Byrne ‘General Comment 16 on the Business Sector and Children’s Rights: What is its standing and impact?’ (2013) 14(1) Melbourne Journal of International Law 93-128.

Paula Gerber and Katie O’Byrne, Katie ‘Should gay men still be labeled criminals?’ (2013) 38(2) Alternative Law Journal 82-86.

Paula Gerber and Melissa Castan ‘Practice meets Theory: Using Moots as a Tool to Teach Students about Human Rights Law’ (2012) 62(2) Journal of Legal Education 298-310.

Paula Gerber and Brennan Ong ‘Look before you Leap: Avoiding the Traps and Maximising the Benefits of Your DRB’ (2012) 28(4) Construction Law Journal 310-337.

Thomas Denehy and Paula Gerber ‘What Constitutes World’s Best Practice for Dispute Avoidance in Standard Form Contracts?’ (2012) 28(4) Building and Construction Law Journal 266-281.

Paula Gerber and Brennan Ong ‘Should DAPs be Included in Standard Form Contracts?’ (2012) 143 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 6-20.

Paula Gerber ‘The new Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child: 10 Things you should know’ (2012) 37(2) Alternative Law Journal 111-115.

Paula Gerber ‘Alliances and Dispute Review Boards: Best Friends or Worst Enemies?’ (2012) 10(1) Australian Journal of Civil Engineering 57-66.

Brennan Ong and Paula Gerber ‘Dispute Avoidance Processes (DAPs) In Australia—Bringing The Future Into The Present’ (2011) 141 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 51-59.

Paula Gerber and Diana Serra ‘Construction Litigation: Are we doing it Better?’ (2011) 35(3) Melbourne University Law Review 933-970.

Paula Gerber ‘Educating about Human Rights: Strengths and Weaknesses of the UN Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training’ (2011) 36(4) Alternative Law Journal 245-249.

Paula Gerber and Brennan Ong ‘Feeling Combative? Let’s Dance: Dispute Avoidance Processes’ (2011) 85(12) Law Institute Journal 32.

Paula Gerber, Andy Gargett and Melissa Castan ‘Does the right to birth registration include a right to a birth certificate?’ (2011) 29(4) Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights 429-454.

Paula Gerber and Brennan Ong ‘21 Today!: Dispute Review Boards in Australia: Past, Present and Future’ (2011) 22(3) Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal 180-191.

Adiva Sifris and Paula Gerber ‘Same-sex Marriage in Australia: A Battleground for Equality’ (2011) 25(2) Australian Journal of Family Law 96-120.

Melissa Castan, Paula Gerber and Andy Gargett ‘Indigenous Australians’ Access to Birth Registration Systems: A Breach of International Human Rights Law?’ (2011) 17(1) Australian Journal of Human Rights 55-89.

Paula Gerber and Bruce Chen ‘Recognition of the Human Right to Water: Has the Tide Turned?’ (2011) 36(1) Alternative Law Journal 21-26.

Paula Gerber and Brennan Ong ‘DAPs: When will Australia Jump on Board?’ (2011) 27(1) Building and Construction Law Journal 4-29.

Andy Gargett, Paula Gerber and Melissa Castan ‘A Right to Birth Registration in the Victorian Charter? Seek and you shall NOT Find!’ (2010) 36(3) Monash University Law Review 1-32.

Brennan Ong and Paula Gerber ‘Dispute Boards: Is there a Role for Lawyers?’ (2010) 5(4) Construction Law International 7-12.

Paula Gerber ‘The Teaching of Construction Law and the Practice of Construction Law: Never the Twain shall Meet?’ (2010) 20(1 & 2) Legal Education Review 59-84.

Paula Gerber ‘Making Visible the Problem of Invisibility’ (2009) 83(10) Law Institute Journal 52-55.

Paula Gerber ‘Making Indigenous Australians ‘Disappear’: Problems arising from our Birth Registration Systems’ (2009) 34(3) Alternative Law Journal 158-167.

Adiva Sifris and Paula Gerber ‘Jack & Jill / Jack & Bill: The Case for Same-Sex Adoption’ (2009) 34(3) Alternative Law Journal 168-172.

Paula Gerber ‘How to Stop Engineers from Becoming Bush Lawyers’: The Art of Teaching Law to Engineering and Construction Students’ (2009) 1(4) Journal of Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution in Engineering and Construction 1-10.

Paula Gerber ‘The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the New UN Human Rights Council’ (2007) 10(2) Flinders Journal of Law Reform 241-269.

Paula Gerber ‘Human Rights Reform in the United Nations: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ (2006) 31(2) Alternative Law Journal 88-92.

Gerber, Paula ‘Construction Law and Human Rights: Building a Bridge Between Two Disciplines’ (2006) 80(8) Law Institute Journal 48-51.

Paula Gerber and Bevan Mailman ‘Construction Litigation: Can we do it Better?’ (2005) 31(2) Monash University Law Review 237-257.

Paula Gerber ‘Burning Down the House to Roast the Pig: The High Court Retains Advocates’ Immunity’ (2005) 28(3) UNSW Law Journal 646-667.

Paula Gerber Black Rights/White Curriculum: Human Rights Education for Indigenous People’ (2004) 9(1) Deakin Law Review 61-89.

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