Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Paula Gerber & Joseph Xuereb, ‘How Front-end Lawyers Can Stop Worrying about Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Learn to Love It!’ (2023) 38 Building and Construction Law Journal 156.

Paula Gerber & Phoebe Irving Lindner, ‘Educating children about sexual orientation and gender identity post-marriage equality in Australia‘ (2022) 5(2) Human Rights Education Review 4.

Paula Gerber & Aaron Timoshanko, ‘Is the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child Doing Enough to Protect the Rights of LGBT Children and Children with Same-Sex Parents?‘ (2021) 21(4) Human Rights Law Review 786.

Paula Gerber, Senthorun Raj, Cai Wilkinson and Anthony Langlois, ‘Protecting the rights of LGBTIQ people around the world: Beyond marriage equality and the decriminalisation of homosexuality‘ (2021) Alternative Law Journal 1.

Paula Gerber and Claerwen O’Hara, ‘Teaching Law Students about Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Intersex Status within Human Rights Law: Seven Principles for Curriculum Design and Pedagogy‘ (2019) 68(2) Journal of Legal Education 416.

Anthony Langlois, Cai Wilkinson, Paula Gerber and Baden Offord, ‘Community, identity, orientation: sexuality, gender and rights in ASEAN’ (2017) 30(5) Pacific Review 710-728.

Cai Wilkinson, Paula Gerber, Baden Offord and Anthony J Langlois ‘LGBT Rights in Southeast Asia: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?‘ (2017) 3(1) IAFOR Journal of Asian Studies 5.

Paula Gerber, Cai Wilkinson, Anthony J Langlois and Baden Offord ‘Human rights in Papua New Guinea: is this where we should be settling refugees?‘ (2016) 22(1) Australian Journal of Human Rights 27.

Phoebe Irving Lindner and Paula Gerber ‘Modern Families: Should children be able to have more than two parents recorded on their birth certificates?’ (2015) 5(1) Victoria University Law Journal 34.

Paula Gerber ‘Last word: Life imitating art?: Gay and lesbian families on and off the silver screen‘ (2015) 40(4) Alternative Law Journal 294.

Paula Gerber and Phoebe Lindner ‘Birth Certificates for Children with Same-sex Parents: A Reflection of Biology or Something More?’ (2015) 18(2) New York University Journal of Legislation & Public Policy

Farinaz Zamani Ashni and Paula Gerber ‘Burqa: Human Right or Human Wrong?’ (2014) 39(4) Alternative Law Journal 231-234.

Paula Gerber, Kristine Tay and Adiva Sifris ‘Marriage: A human right for all?’ (2014) 36 Sydney Law Review 381-405.

Paula Gerber and Melissa Castan ‘Achieving universal birth registration for Indigenous Australians: Recommendations from the Victorian Law Reform Commission’ (2014) 8(14) Indigenous Law Bulletin.

Paula Gerber ‘Living a life of crime: The ongoing criminalisation of Homosexuality within the Commonwealth’ (2014) 39(2) Alternative Law Journal 78.

Paula Gerber and Joel Gory ‘The UN Human Rights Committee and LGBT Rights: What is it doing? What could it be doing?’ (2014) 14 (3) Human Rights Law Review 403-439.

Matthew Bell, Paula Gerber and Phil Evans ‘Building Bridges in the Classroom: A view from the Academy’ (2014) 30(1) Building and Construction Law Journal 24-34.

Paula Gerber, Joanna Kyriakakis and Katie O’Byrne ‘General Comment 16 on the Business Sector and Children’s Rights: What is its standing and impact?’ (2013) 14(1) Melbourne Journal of International Law 93-128.

Paula Gerber and Katie O’Byrne, Katie ‘Should gay men still be labeled criminals?’ (2013) 38(2) Alternative Law Journal 82-86.

Paula Gerber and Melissa Castan ‘Practice meets Theory: Using Moots as a Tool to Teach Students about Human Rights Law’ (2012) 62(2) Journal of Legal Education 298-310.

Paula Gerber and Brennan Ong ‘Look before you Leap: Avoiding the Traps and Maximising the Benefits of Your DRB’ (2012) 28(4) Construction Law Journal 310-337.

Thomas Denehy and Paula Gerber ‘What Constitutes World’s Best Practice for Dispute Avoidance in Standard Form Contracts?’ (2012) 28(4) Building and Construction Law Journal 266-281.

Paula Gerber and Brennan Ong ‘Should DAPs be Included in Standard Form Contracts?’ (2012) 143 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 6-20.

Paula Gerber ‘The new Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child: 10 Things you should know’ (2012) 37(2) Alternative Law Journal 111-115.

Paula Gerber ‘Alliances and Dispute Review Boards: Best Friends or Worst Enemies?’ (2012) 10(1) Australian Journal of Civil Engineering 57-66.

Brennan Ong and Paula Gerber ‘Dispute Avoidance Processes (DAPs) In Australia—Bringing The Future Into The Present’ (2011) 141 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 51-59.

Paula Gerber and Diana Serra ‘Construction Litigation: Are we doing it Better?’ (2011) 35(3) Melbourne University Law Review 933-970.

Paula Gerber ‘Educating about Human Rights: Strengths and Weaknesses of the UN Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training’ (2011) 36(4) Alternative Law Journal 245-249.

Paula Gerber and Brennan Ong ‘Feeling Combative? Let’s Dance: Dispute Avoidance Processes’ (2011) 85(12) Law Institute Journal 32.

Paula Gerber, Andy Gargett and Melissa Castan ‘Does the right to birth registration include a right to a birth certificate?’ (2011) 29(4) Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights 429-454.

Paula Gerber and Brennan Ong ‘21 Today!: Dispute Review Boards in Australia: Past, Present and Future’ (2011) 22(3) Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal 180-191.

Adiva Sifris and Paula Gerber ‘Same-sex Marriage in Australia: A Battleground for Equality’ (2011) 25(2) Australian Journal of Family Law 96-120.

Melissa Castan, Paula Gerber and Andy Gargett ‘Indigenous Australians’ Access to Birth Registration Systems: A Breach of International Human Rights Law?’ (2011) 17(1) Australian Journal of Human Rights 55-89.

Paula Gerber and Bruce Chen ‘Recognition of the Human Right to Water: Has the Tide Turned?’ (2011) 36(1) Alternative Law Journal 21-26.

Paula Gerber and Brennan Ong ‘DAPs: When will Australia Jump on Board?’ (2011) 27(1) Building and Construction Law Journal 4-29.

Andy Gargett, Paula Gerber and Melissa Castan ‘A Right to Birth Registration in the Victorian Charter? Seek and you shall NOT Find!’ (2010) 36(3) Monash University Law Review 1-32.

Brennan Ong and Paula Gerber ‘Dispute Boards: Is there a Role for Lawyers?’ (2010) 5(4) Construction Law International 7-12.

Paula Gerber ‘The Teaching of Construction Law and the Practice of Construction Law: Never the Twain shall Meet?’ (2010) 20(1 & 2) Legal Education Review 59-84.

Paula Gerber ‘Making Visible the Problem of Invisibility’ (2009) 83(10) Law Institute Journal 52-55.

Paula Gerber ‘Making Indigenous Australians ‘Disappear’: Problems arising from our Birth Registration Systems’ (2009) 34(3) Alternative Law Journal 158-167.

Adiva Sifris and Paula Gerber ‘Jack & Jill / Jack & Bill: The Case for Same-Sex Adoption’ (2009) 34(3) Alternative Law Journal 168-172.

Paula Gerber ‘How to Stop Engineers from Becoming Bush Lawyers’: The Art of Teaching Law to Engineering and Construction Students’ (2009) 1(4) Journal of Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution in Engineering and Construction 1-10.

Paula Gerber ‘The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the New UN Human Rights Council’ (2007) 10(2) Flinders Journal of Law Reform 241-269.

Paula Gerber ‘Human Rights Reform in the United Nations: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ (2006) 31(2) Alternative Law Journal 88-92.

Gerber, Paula ‘Construction Law and Human Rights: Building a Bridge Between Two Disciplines’ (2006) 80(8) Law Institute Journal 48-51.

Paula Gerber and Bevan Mailman ‘Construction Litigation: Can we do it Better?’ (2005) 31(2) Monash University Law Review 237-257.

Paula Gerber ‘Burning Down the House to Roast the Pig: The High Court Retains Advocates’ Immunity’ (2005) 28(3) UNSW Law Journal 646-667.

Paula Gerber Black Rights/White Curriculum: Human Rights Education for Indigenous People’ (2004) 9(1) Deakin Law Review 61-89.

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