Non-peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Paula Gerber and Adiva Sifris ‘Marriage: A Human Right or a Heterosexual Privilege?’ (2013) Portia 20.

Matthew Bell and Paula Gerber ‘Passing on the Torch of Learning in the “Primordial Soup” of Construction Law: Reflections from the Construction Law Academic Forum 2012’ (2012) 7(3) Construction Law International 26-30.

Paula Gerber and Brennan Ong ‘DRBs Down Under: Ready for Take Off!’ (2012) DRBF Forum 1.

Paula Gerber and Brennan Ong ‘DAPs: A flash in the Pan or here to Stay?’ (2011) 23 (8 & 9) Australian Construction Law Bulletin 122-129.

Paula Gerber and Brennan Ong ‘Watch out ADR & Arbitration – DAPs are moving in!’ (January 2012) ADR Reporter 26-33.

Adiva Sifris and Paula Gerber ‘Victorian Court circumvents prohibition on adoption by same-sex couple’ [Case note] (2011) Australian Journal of Family Law 25.

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